April 2020: Online Nonprofit Classes

Online: How to START 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organizations

You are invited to enroll in the new “Online: How to START 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organizations Class.”

Convenient Learning

This class provides the convenience to learn the 20 steps to starting 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and how to complete the “Form 1023: Application for Recognition of Exemption” (with the new electronic filing process) around your schedule, at your pace, and in the privacy of your home!

Class #1 of 4: Online Fundamental Nonprofit Classes Series

The “Online: How to START 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organizations” class is the first of four classes offered in the “Online Fundamental Nonprofit Classes Series.

You can complete the class along with the activities (which I will grade) between April 1 – April 30. The class is only $50 per person!


Filing Form 990s!

All 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations must file the appropriate Form 990 Information Returns by the due date each year.

Learn about Form 990s!

This video message defines the three types of Form 990 Information Returns and explains how to determine when the Form 990s are due.

Nonprofit Tutorials: Managing Human Resources

Introducing Nonprofit Tutorials!

Susan Woods Nonprofit Solutions is offering short nonprofit tutorials to help nonprofit professionals operate their 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations successfully. The Nonprofit Tutorial: Managing Human Resources is below.