Online: General Nonprofit Classes

Online General Nonprofit Classes

The Online General Nonprofit Classes include topics that are NOT covered in the Fundamental Nonprofit Classes Series.

When you purchase the Online: General Nonprofit Classes for only $20 per class, they are yours forever. Therefore, you can view the classes around your schedule, at your pace, and in the privacy of your home. 

How to complete the “Form 1023: Application for Recognition of Exemption” 

The “Form 1023: Application for Recognition of Exemption” is the official application packet that the IRS uses to determine the eligibility of organizations to earn the 501(c)(3) status. This class guides you through the steps to complete the 501(c)(3) application packet that will increase your probability of approval by the IRS. Cost: $20

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How to Find Grant Money? The RFP Research Process 

Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) are formal announcements that corporations, foundations, and government entities (local, county, state, and federal) use to share information about the availability of grant money.

The RFP’s describe the types of programs for which funding will be provided, the service areas in which funding can be used, the target clientele that the funding will support, and the deadline for submitting the grant proposal in response to the RFP.

This class teaches you how to locate RFP’s that are compatible with the vision and goals of your nonprofit organization. Cost: $20

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How to Establish the Perfect Nonprofit Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors governs the operations of nonprofit organizations. It is very important to establish a Board of Directors that includes people who understand the vision, goals, and overall purpose of the nonprofit organization. This class teaches you how to establish the perfect Board of Directors for your nonprofit organization. It covers the recruitment and selection process and the responsibilities of each member. Cost: $20

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How to Develop Summer Youth Development Programs

Youth development programs provide proactive services that prepare youth to be successful. Unfortunately, too many of our youth do not have structure and lack effective and reliable mentors. This class defines the five steps to providing summer youth development programs: 1) establish foundation; 2) enroll youth; 3) secure revenues; 4) operate the program; and 5) share summer program return on investment. Cost: $20

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How to Write Basic Nonprofit Grant Proposals

Grant writing is a skill used to secure grant money that allows nonprofit organizations to provide community services. There are literally billions of dollars in grant money available for nonprofit organizations. However, qualifying for grant money requires a very skilled grant writer.

The How to Write Basic Nonprofit Grant Proposals class teaches you how to write grant proposals that correlate with the requirements listed in the Requests for Proposals (RFPs). For example, you will learn how to write a problem statement, define the target group and service area, describe the service plan, create a financial statement, and more. Cost: $20

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How to Develop a Revenue Generation Team 

All nonprofit organizations need money to provide community services. Unfortunately, most nonprofit organizations do not have a dedicated team to secure revenues to guarantee long-term sustainability.

Most nonprofit organizations receive revenues in a very haphazard way which creates havoc for the Executive Director. This class teaches you how to develop a revenue generation team that is responsible for securing revenues on a regular basis for the nonprofit organization. Cost: $20

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Why Churches Must EARN 501(c)((3) Nonprofit Status 

Many churches do not qualify for major grant money because they do not have an earned 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. The Internal Revenue Service allows churches to use an “honorary” 501(c)(3) status to accept tax-free tithes and offerings.

Unfortunately, most grant money providers do not recognize the “honorary” status. Instead, major grant money providers donate money to churches that have earned the 501(c)(3) status that is confirmed by a Determination Letter.

This class teaches you how to complete the 501(c)(3) application process so that churches can benefit from securing revenues to help them continue providing community services. Cost: $20

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How to Reinstate 501(c)(3) nonprofit status after automatic revocation

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) automatically revokes the 501(c)(3) status for nonprofit organizations when the appropriate Form 990 Information Return is not submitted for three consecutive years. This class teaches you how to reinstate your 501(c)(3) status using one of the following four process options (which are clearly defined in the course). Cost: $20

    • Streamlined Retroactive Reinstatement Process
    • Retroactive Reinstatement Process (if occurred within 15 months)
    • Retroactive Reinstatement Process (if occurred 15 months after revocation)
    • Post-Mark Date Process

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