Nonprofit Services

Susan Woods Nonprofit Solutions provides nonprofit services (under the categories listed below) to help nonprofit leaders start, fund, manage, and sustain 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations successfully:

Nonprofit StartUp Services

The Nonprofit StartUp Services include the following:

  • scheduling free one-hour phone consultations to discuss your nonprofit vision
  • completing the Secretary of State applications required to offer nonprofit organization
  • completing the Form 1023: Application for Recognition of Exemption
  • answering follow-up questions from IRS Exemption Specialists (if needed)



Nonprofit Consulting Services

The Nonprofit Consulting Services include the following:

  • offering nonprofit classes on DVD that cover a broad range of nonprofit topics
  • offering quarterly (in-person) nonprofit classes using lecture and interactive activities
  • publishing Nonprofit Newsletters on the first Monday of each month

Nonprofit Reinstatement Services

The Nonprofit Reinstatement Services include the following:

  • meeting with nonprofit leaders whose 501(c)(3) status was revoked
  • determining which type of reinstatement option is appropriate for the nonprofit
  • completing the 501(c)(3) reinstatement application packets for nonprofit leaders
  • answering follow-up questions from IRS Exemption Specialists (if needed)

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